Keynote Speaker

“Success is a Laughing Matter”

In this humourous and inspiring presentation Jen will show your audience how to use humour to re-frame stress. She shares tools she has acquired from her years as a professional comedian that help to lighten challenging moments in your professional and personal life. An accomplished stand up comedian and public speaker who advocates fun, positive thinking, and resiliency, Jen has designed an engaging, witty presentation that showcases her effective teaching style, credibility and hilarious sense of humour to help people improve personal health, increase happiness by alleviating stress with humour and turn it into strength.
Jen has a university degree in Communications as well as 20 years experience as a stand up comic. She has also been a student on personal development for 25 years. Her very special, funny and unique style of speaking has an undeniable positive effect on the health of all that are exposed to her. She is also a nationally touring comedian with numerous television appearances, is a regular on the CBC radio show ‘The Debaters’ , has entertained the troops in the Middle East and was the first Canadian to be a finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival.
Jen’s energetic keynote presentation will help improve learning skills and leave your audience in an enthusiastic frame of mind.

“Honouring your authenticity is your super power”

Named in Ottawa Life Magazine as one of the most influential people in the Capital, Jen is a Stand Up Comedian whose viral blog post ignited a media frenzy worldwide. Jen spoke out about discrimination and sexual harassment she experienced. But her personal story about how she got her start in stand up comedy is equally fascinating. In her uplifting talk, she tackles a variety of topics, including how by honouring one self not only will it increase confidence but also demonstrates how regular people can effect positive change on a global and personal scale.


Jen was the hit of the conference. She provided our attendees with an amazing opportunity to see how laughter can play a crucial role in our daily lives and our work. As a group of healthcare professionals, we see the best and the worst of life every day. Having the tools to relieve stress through laughter will go a long way to help provide our members with a healthy, positive attitude ensuring we continue to provide the care our patients expect.  Highly recommend Jen for any event. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you!!

Troy Denton BSc.RRT
Registrar/Executive Director
New Brunswick Association of Respiratory Therapists


Jen Grant is a force of nature!  She came highly recommended to me by a friend who had seen her speak and I am so happy she spoke at our conference of School Board Employees.

Jen is clever and very funny!  Her witty wisdom is grounded in solid practical advice on how to change your life in a positive, effective way.  She seamlessly weaved in and out of making us laugh hysterically and sending a powerful message of the importance of less stress in our lives.  This, in turn, gives us more happiness, better health, and increased success.  We were extremely pleased with her presentation and humorous style and we would welcome her back anytime.

Lynn Coles, Attendance Counsellor, District School Board of Niagara


“I’ve seen Jen perform and it was honestly life changing for me. Her ability to find humour in the worst circumstances, and the way she captures the attention of a room as soon as she enters it is inspiring. I am eager to attend ANY talk that Jenn does because she makes the room a much lighter place when discussing some pretty serious topics.

Be the person that puts the oxygen mask on your face before – so you can help other people”

Associate financial consultant – IG wealth management